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Dutch Gable Carport

Dutch Gable Carport

Hip Roof Carport

Hip Roof Carport

The Best Carport Kits in Australia (not cheap garbage)

Gable Carport

Gable Carport

Skillion Carport

Skillion Carport

Thank you for your prompt service, we would recommend you to anyone.
Frank and Vicki F.

The Best Carport Kits for Sale in Australia

Hi and welcome to Excalibur Carports,

As a leading supplier of Carports throughout Australia, with an emphasise on Carport Kits and DIY Carports , we offer solutions for people looking to store and protect their valuable possessions such as cars, boats, caravans, motorhome and more.

What is a Carport Kit?

Carport Kits consist of a group of steel parts, that when assembled, come together to form the specific carport you are after. They are specifically designed so that the individual pieces can go together as easily as possible. They are not just standard lengths sections of steel that need to cut, drilled and formed into place to work. Carport Kits are designed to be quicker, easier and much cheaper than if you had to design it, then buy the lengths of steel yourself and make up a carport from scratch.

Proper Carport Kits are:

  • Cut to Size as much as possible – This saves you money because you are not paying for any excess wastage in steel. Here’s a simple example – You might a 6m long carport. If you just bought stock lengths to make it up yourself, you would need to buy a 7.5m length in steel. You then need to cut off 1.5m that you don’t need – that’s a wastage factor of 20%. You’d be paying 20% too much! Carport kits allow you to save on this wastage.
  • Fully Hole Punched to minimise time – It can take hours of your time and several drill bits to drill all the holes needed. By having the kit pre-punched it saves you both time and money in wear and tear on your tools.
  • Include every Component needed to build it – This should include not just the posts, frame and roof, but also the guttering, downpipe and fasteners.
  • Engineered to your specific site – Site specific engineering for carport kits means it is designed to suit your actual site address. This is so you know it passes the building standards and will cope with the wind and weather in your area . If you decide to build a carport yourself, one of the first you need to do is ask a structural engineer to draw up and certify a design for you. This can be costly and time consuming because you may need to do several draft designs before settling on a final one.

Carport Kits from Excalibur Carports are a great way for you to save time and money:

  • You only pay for the materials you need, which means you save money – because the carport kits are pre-punched and pre-cut, you get the right size and length of steel for the job. If you are building a carport kit from yourself, you’ll buy full lengths of steel, then cut it to the size that suits. This creates a lot of wastage and lost hours or days. Why pay for steel you won’t use. Our national contract with suppliers such as Bluescope Lysaght also ensures you get the best prices possible, factory direct pricing.
  • You get everything you need saving you time - Everything you need to build your carport kit comes in one drop, delivered to your door – including the frame, roof, posts, plates and even the downpipes, guttering and bolts and screws. You won’t have to source all the individual steel parts, they will all come to you at once. Just grab your tools and you are right to go.
  • Quicker Installation means you can get your vehicle protected sooner – Installation is made easier by the fact that the carport kits are cut and punched to size. Everything is made to fit together and you also get a bill of material (parts list), a guide and drawings to assist you. Whether you do it yourself or bring in an installer, you will save time and money.
  • Engineering is included with Excalibur Carport Kits – this saves you a ton of money as well as time finding a draftsman and engineer to do the work. Remember, you need engineering to comply with current standards and be able to get approval from council. Our carport kits are designed to suit all wind regions in Australia, including cyclonic.
  • Delivery can be made directly to you, making it easier for you – we regularly service all the major cities in Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. With our national suppliers we can also deliver to most other areas of Australia – you don’t have to organise a truck and we have negotiated some great flat rate fees for freight. The carport kits are professionally consolidated, packed and wrapped to guarantee a successful transfer.


Thanks very much for the assistance you provided with our DIY project. The finished product looks great.

Craig W.                 

Carport Designs for Sale:

Dutch Gable Carport
The Dutch Gable carport kits are the choice decision in d-i-y carports. These carports represent the ultimate in finish and quality, giving you shelter for your car, boat or caravan, whilst also giving maximum value to your home. Supplied in genuine colorbond steel with a heavy duty frame, they will also match most house roofs with a 20 degree standard roof pitch.

Hip Roof Carport
Our Hip Roof Carport Kits are designed to not only protect your vehicles but enhance the design and roofline of your house. The designs are simple but clever, resulting in a strongly built carport. The hip roof has a standard roof pitch of 20 degrees in order to better match most house roofs. The carports come with chunky 100×100 SHS, a hi-tensile steel framework and genuine colorbond roof and trim.

Gable Carport
Gable carport kits are a simple but stylish carport, made to protect your vehicles and give added value and dimension to your home. Available in many sizes from single and double carport to large structures with spans of over 9 metres. Gable carport kits represent an excellent DIY build, with gable infills as standard for that extra level of finish. There is also an option of removing them for increased height in the middle, in the case of a caravan or boat etc.

Skillion Carport
These are no nonsense carports built for a purpose, but are also finished to a high standard. Skillion carport kits, or flat roof carport kits as they are also known as, have got to be one of the best diy projects you can do for your home. Incredibly simple in design, a factor that makes them easy to build. Scalable in size to 9m wide as standard, with height up to 5m and more, to comfortably accommodate caravans, motorhomes, boats or whatever you have.

At Excalibur Carports we are a family owned business with a long history in the building industry (over 3 generations) – Keith was actually supplying carports in the 1970’s!

Your project is our primary interest and every project can be slightly different, so if you are looking for diy Carport Kits that are strong, look good and will add value to your home, give us a call on 1300 011191 to discuss your requirements, or simply go to the Carport Quote page and send us an enquiry.

We’d love to speak with you.

Thanks again

Warm Regards,

Keith and Ashley Fraser

I found your knowledge of building codes and requirements to be extremely helpful, as was your customer service and post sale interest

Phil C.                 

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