Carport Designs

The 4 Main Carport Designs

A Simple Look at the 4 main carport designs.

As the title of this article suggests, there are 4 main type of carport designs to choose from when buying a carport kit. What’s best for your home will depend of such factors like what you actually need it for, and what best complements your house and adds value to it. So, here are the 4 types of carport kit:

1. Skillion Carport –

This is the simplest of designs, but does the job well and can look good if designed right. The roof has a single one directional pitch or slope. This is typically 3 degrees or 5 degrees, depending on the profile type of roof sheet used.

For more information go to the Skillion Carport page.

Skillion Carport Designs

2. Gable Carport –

A carport kit with a pitched roof on 2 sides. We normally supply these complete with end Gable infills for that complete look, but they can be removed for better height clearance if needed. Normal roof pitch is 15 degrees, but we can also do others, such as 10 degrees, 20 degrees and 26 degrees.

For more information go to the Gable Carport page.

Gable Carport Designs

3. Hip Roof –

These carport kits have a 4 sided pitched roof. This is the same or similar to most houses built today. Just one of the reasons they are good at adding value to your home. Standard roof pitch is 20 degrees with others possible on application.

For more information go to the Hip Roof Carport page.

Hip Roof Carport Designs

4. Dutch Gable Carport –

Similar to a Hip Roof Carport. The difference in a Dutch Gable carport is to the front and rear of the roof. Roughly half way the pitch, the roof continues vertically, which in turn forms a Dutch Gable infill to both ends. This also gives a longer ridgeline along the top, or apex of the carport. Again, like the hip roof carport, the standard roof pitch is 20 degrees with others possible on application.

For more information go to the Dutch Gable Carport page.

Dutch Gable Carport Designs

Here are a few things that separate a carport kit designs by Excalibur Carports:

  1. Choice of Sizes – You are not limited to set widths, lengths or heights. Therefore you can buy the right sized carport for your situation.
  2. Choice of Colours – You can choose from any of the colours in the Colorbond range. This means you are limited to certain colours.
  3. Fully Flashed – Proper Ridge and Barge cappings like your house has fitted, not just ones that are tacked on top like others do. An example of this is the ridge capping which is meant to be cut in to match the profile of your roof.
  4. Everything is Included – Your carport kit will come with every component you need. This includes the frame, the posts, the roof, the flashing, the gutter, the downpipe and all the fasteners.
  5. Engineering supplied – all carports include site specific engineering, to comply with any of the wind regions in Australia, including cyclonic. This alone will save you a substantial amount of money.
  6. Australian Steel Supplied – Don’t assume that everybody uses Australian made steel, even if they promote themselves and their business as Australian. Make sure you check so you know what you are getting for your money.
  7. People that know what they’re talking about – Not only do we sell carport kits, we have also installed them. That makes a big difference. We also have many years of experience supplying different configurations and sizes or carport kits. You can then have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the right carport.

If you need any more information regarding carport designs or the different types of carport kits, you can simply call us on 1300 011191 or email .

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