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See the layout drawings on the right hand side of this page to work out the size and height of your carport

Carport Size (Width x Length - in Metres)

Note: The width is measured as follows:
Skillion - In line with the fall or slope of the roof (ie. a 6m wide carport will be 6m from left to right, being high on the left and low on the right, or high on the right and low on the left)
Gable - Across the gable end, outside of fascia beam to outside of fascia beam
Hip Roof - Across either side, not as important as it is a 4 sided roof
Dutch Gable - Across the Dutch Gable End, outside of fascia beam to outside of fascia beam

Carport Height (in Metres)

Note: Heights are measured as follows:
Skillion - to the top of the frame at the high side of the carport (clearance dependant on span and frame of carport - please specify a minimum clearance, if you know it, in the comments box at the bottom of this form)
Gable - to the top of the eave beam (clearance is typically 200mm to 250mm less)
Hip Roof - Clearance under the fascia beam
Dutch Gable - Clearance under the fascia beam

Any comments or information that may help with your project