Dutch Gable Carport

Dutch Gable Carport

“The best designed and engineered dutch gable carports you will find in the market today”

 Looking for a dutch gable carport kit that will suit your needs and give you great value for money?

Colorbond Dutch Gable Carport 2These heavy duty dutch gable roof carports are designed to suit various conditions in Australia and are manufactured in a way that will save you time and money when installing it.
Your carport kit will come with every part and component needed to finish your project, with the materials being pre-punched and pre-cut to size.
Quality materials from Australian based suppliers like Bluescope Steel Lysaght are used so you know you are getting a quality product.
All the carports are designed and engineered to Australian Standards and will include the engineering documents needed to apply for council application and approval.

Dutch Gable Carport 1These Australian made and designed carports come with strong 100mm posts, a fully galvanized C150/C200 framing, 8mm thick galvanized footing brackets and 2.4mm thick high tensile connection brackets. They also feature a 20 degree roof pitch that will better match your house than other carports on the market.
Not only is this carport kit strongly built, but it also includes full Colorbond roof sheets, steel flashings and trim for that professional finish, that will make you the envy of your friends and family.

This is a carport that stands apart from the other dutch gable design carports available on the market.
To assist you with council certification, we offer site specific engineering right up to cyclonic regions.

Dutch Gable CarportWhat is included with my carport kit?

Your diy carport will also come with every post, beam, sheet, flashing, bolt and screw that you need, to complete your project. It even includes the guttering and downpipe/s.
If you want any more information on this quality product and how to order simply contact Excalibur Carports today. It’s that easy!

Sizes available:

Dutch Gable Double Carport 55 metres x 5 metres
5 metres x 6metres
5metres x 9metres
5metres x 12metres
5.5metres x 5.5 metres
5.5metres x 6metres
6metres x 5metres
6metres x 5.5metres
6 metres x 6 metres
6metres x 6.5metres
6metres x 7metres
6metres x 8metres
6 metre x 9 metres
6 metres x 12 metres
7 metres x 6 metres
7 metres x 7 metres
– Heights up to 3 metres high available as standard
– Special sizes and heights available on request
– A flat low delivery fee to most metro and regional areas in Australia


Dutch Gable Double Carport

How do I find out more and get a quote on a carport?

For information and carport prices please contact us on Ph. 1300 011 191 or go to the Carport Quote page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Dutch Gable 2 Car Carport KitOnce I order and pay for my kit, how long does it take to be delivered to me?

This all depends on the demand of engineers and steel manufacturing, but if you allow 5 to 6 weeks that should cover it.


Apart from all the components, does anything else come with my Carport Kit?

You will receive a full bill of materials (parts list), plus a basic guide and diagrams to assist you with the installation, along with the engineering drawings. As we have previous experience in installation ourselves, you are also welcome to call us if you have any questions with building your carport kit


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Carports Trivia:

Why the name Dutch Gable in Dutch Gable Carport?

The term ‘dutch gable’ is a term more commonly used in countries like Australia and also North America. In simple terms it means a hip roof with a small gable at the top. Dutch Gable roof carports have proven to be very popular in Australia in recent times. They can add that extra design dimension to your home for little outlay making them good value for money if you planning on building or renovating.

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