Carport Quote

Carport Quote

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Before getting a quote, think about the following:

  • What do You Need it for? – Look at the size height needed to cover the vehicle.
  • Will It Improve the Look of Your Property? – The right roof design or shape will help to guarantee this.
  • Do You Have a Budget in Mind? – Skillion Carports are the most basic and economical. Dutch Gable and Hip Roof Carports are at the other end of the scale, but usually match house roofs better and add more value.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not do attachments to other structures, roller doors, timber posts or brick columns and fixing to concrete slabs.

  • No Roller Doors – Roller doors cannot be quoted as they do not comply with carport engineering.
  • No Attachments – Carports are a freestanding design as standard – we cannot do attachments to houses or other structures
  • No Timber Posts – We Cannot Quote on Timber Posts as there is no engineering for them
  • No Fixing to Concrete Slabs – If footing plates can be used, there still must be adequate concrete footings


Please fill in the details below and we will get back to you with your quote as soon as we can.


  • Address Details

    PLEASE NOTE: Engineering is now very specific, particularly in high wind regions. In order to quote the correct engineering and best price, could you please supply your full address
  • Carport Type

    Select Which Type of Carport You Need
  • Please Note: There is more manual cutting involved with the Hip Roof and Dutch Gable Carports. This is mainly to do with the roof sheets and flashings.
  • Choose a Size From the Drop Down Menu.

    Note: This is just a 'starter' list, we can almost do any size, within engineering limits
  • * Widths less than 4m are not recommended for Dutch Gable
  • Note: The depth or span is measured as follows:
    Dutch Gable - Across the Dutch Gable End, outside of fascia beam to outside of fascia beam
    Hip Roof - Across the narrow end, outside of fascia beam to outside of fascia beam
    Gable - Across the gable end, outside of fascia beam to outside of fascia beam
    Skillion - From outside of beam to outside of beam, in line with the fall or slope of the roof (ie. a 6m wide carport will be 6m from left to right, being high on the left and low on the right, or high on the right and low on the left)
  • Note: The height is measured as follows:
    Dutch Gable - Clearance Under the Beam
    Hip Roof - Clearance Under the Beam
    Gable - Clearance Under the Beam
    Skillion - Clearance under the Beam at the Low Side
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