Brisbane Carports – A guide for buying a carport in the Brisbane area

Do you live in the Brisbane area? Are you looking to buy a carport, but not sure what to get and how to go about it?

Gable Carports in Brisbane complete with infills and made from steel manufactured in Queensland.

Carports provide a much needed solution for people looking to protect their cars, boat, caravan or motorhome from the Queensland heat, rain and hail. They are also a great way, if done right, to add value to your home.

Here are some of the things you need to know first:

Selecting the right carport

This will depend if you are just trying to protect your vehicles or if you are also trying to add value to your home. Buying the right carport design will add value to your home. You also need to get the sizing right.

Carport Kits Brisbane – Supplying a carport kit that will suit Brisbane homes

There are a few considerations to make when buying a carport kit –

  • Will it suit my home
  • Does it pass the building codes and wind standards for the Brisbane region
  • Is it made locally
  • Can it be delivered to my door.

Carport Sizes

Height – Is it high enough?

Make sure the height is enough to clear your vehicle. If you are thinking of buying a higher vehicle in the future, make some allowance for this as well. There can be restrictions by some councils on the maximum height allowed.

Width and Length

Width – make sure there is enough space so you can not only park the car, but also open your doors to get in and out.

Length – Ideally the length needs to be enough to cover vehicle, with some extra in case of driving rain. Possible exceptions are sometimes caravans where the draw bar assembly is maybe not a s important, but cover it if you have the space.

Carport Designs

What we have noticed over the years is a greater diversity in house styles being built. To complement this, we offer all the different designs so that your carport will match your house and seem like it was always there. The carports work well in many houses in Brisbane, from ‘queenslanders’ to modern plans, and they do this at an affordable price.

There are 4 main roof designs:

Hip Roof Carport supplied in Brisbane with Zincalume Roof and Colorbond trim.

  • Dutch Gable Carports

  • Hip Roof Carports

  • Gable Roof Carports

  • Skillion or Flat Roof Carports

Before you order a carport

Do You Need Council Approval

Before you order your carport, we would suggest that you find out if you need council approval. In nearly every case council approval is required. Possible exceptions are if you are replacing ‘same for same’ (same size carport) or if you are on a large rural property. But you need to check as rules and regulations can change.

You have 2 options with asking about council approvals – talk to your local council direct, or talk with a private certifier or building certifier as they are also known as. In most cases, you will find the private certifier to be the easier option. Simply do a google search to find the best one for you. You could do this by searching such terms as ‘private certifier brisbane north’ or ‘private certifier brisbane south’ . If you have used a certifier for previous work, that could be a better option as well if you were happy with their work. Experience with carports is an advantage.

For your information, here is also a list of Councils in the Brisbane area:

Brisbane City Council –

Logan City Council –

Moreton Bay Regional Council –

Redland City Council –

Brisbane Weather Conditions – Know the wind region you are in

With carports, the design and strength of the structure is partly dependent on the wind region you are in. In simple terms, you want to know that the carport will still be standing after storm etc. The area of Brisbane is considered as wind region B1 under the current 2021/2022 standard. It is a non-cyclonic wind area, but does get higher winds than other areas. The design and engineering need to meet or exceed these standards and be signed off by a registered engineer. For your peace of mind, all of our carports come with fully signed site specific engineering.

The tools you will need to build your carport

You will need some basic tools to make the installation job easier. These include a cordless drill or screw gun, tin snips, tape measure, spirit level, rivet guns and a socket set. Aerial equipment such as ladders, trestles or scissor lift also help. Note: Always put safety first when building. For more information read the article on Tools Needed to Build your Carport.

Where are the carports made?

Brisbane’s main plant at Archerfield takes care of nearly all the manufacturing, including roofing, purlins, flashings and guttering. This plant is run by Lysaght and we only use and recommend genuine Australian made and manufactured steel. Once made, all the components are consolidated and professionally wrapped, ready for delivery.

Site Delivery

All areas are covered in the Brisbane area. Daily runs are carried out, so once your carport is made and wrapped, it is delivered to your door very soon after that. Site drops are done with both fixed body (tray) trucks as well a semi-trailers. All trucks have crane to unload the steel onto your site. It’s always best if someone is present at the time of delivery to answer any questions from the driver. Below is a list of area that the carports can be delivered to. Surrounding regions all usually OK as well.

  • Carports Brisbane NorthsideDelivery of Carport Kits
  • Carports Brisbane Southside
  • Carports Brisbane Bayside area
  • Carports Western Brisbane Suburbs

Pick up from the Brisbane plant is also available on arrangement. However we believe site delivery is the best option. The delivery fee is minimal and your carport will be delivered safely all the way to your door. We also cover other areas in southeast QLD, such as Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

Once you receive your carport

After all the packs has been delivered, we encourage you to first check off the bill of materials and make sure everything is there. From there you ready to build the carport.

If you have questions during the build, feel free to call us. We are always happy to help.

Why Choose Us

Premium Quality – You receive the best quality materials with engineering that complies with the latest standards

Choice of Sizes – We have an almost limitless range of carports for sale, because we are not constrained to a small set of sizes. Custom carports with one off sizing are also available.

Common configurations include:

  • Single Carport – Primarily made for 1 car or vehicle
  • Double Carport – Designed for 2 cars or vehicles
  • Triple Carport and Larger – 3 vehicles and more

Within these common types, we can provide different and custom sizing  eg. to accommodate a longer caravan, or extra height to suit a boat.

Full Choice of Colours – You are not limited to only certain colours with our carports, you can pick from any of the complete list of Colorbond colours as well as Zincalume. This is done so that you can best match your house or property, which also gives you the best added value. For a full list of current Colorbond colours, see the Carport Colours page.

Coloured Screws to Complement the Finish on Your Carport – All carports are supplied as standard with coloured screws for the roof and trim. These look a lot better, and don’t stand out like the zinc/galvanised screws.

Made Using Australian Steel – Not only are the carports manufactured in Brisbane, they are made using Australian steel (‘manufactured in Australia’ does not also necessarily mean Australian made). The reason we only use Australia made is simple.

  • It is the best quality
  • It is designed to Australian standards
  • It is the best value

Please note, best value doesn’t always mean the cheapest price initially. Value means steel that is high tensile in strength, it means a long life in the Queensland and Australian wind rain and sun. It means not fading prematurely and being highly resistant to corroding. So in the end, after the cheaper steel has needed replacing, the Australian made product is actually the cheapest and best in the long run.

It also supports local manufacturing and jobs.

Great Value – While we are talking about it, we like to keep it simple for you and offer great value straight away. We don’t say this is the regular price and this is the special price etc. Our buying power and clever engineering means you get excellent value in the first quote.

Long Term, Local South East Queensland Family Owned Business – Supplying the Brisbane area for over 20 Years, we offer a personalised service to each and every customer. We give free advice as well technical support if needed during the build. Our buying power is negotiated on a national basis to bring you the best prices.

Brisbane Depot Location

If you need any assistance or have any questions we are always happy to help. Give us a call and we will find the right carport for you.

Excalibur Carports – where strength and quality is paramount.

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