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Carports for Sydney

With so many designs of carports, Sydney is well catered for. No matter what type of house you have.

Carports SydneyBecause of the long history of the city of Sydney and the many different styles of houses and roofs that have been built, spending some extra time selecting the right type of carport kit for you is well worth it.
The main types are Skillion Carports, Gable Carports, Dutch Gable Carports and Hip Roof Carports. All these designs are made in various sizes and heights. In some cases, a custom configuration can be made to suit your needs.
Carports Prices vary depending on design, style and size. There is one to suit everybody’s budget and home, with all designs offering great value for money.

Designed and Engineered for Sydney Carport Wind and Weather Conditions

Engineering wise, the area in and around Sydney comes under what is called wind region A1-5. This is on the lower end of the wind scale, in comparison to higher wind areas such as cyclonic regions. However our designs are conservative and stronger than others, and all carport kits include the relevant site specific engineering. This provides you with some peace of mind, because it complies with or surpasses current standards. It also provides you with the correct paperwork needed to submit to council for approval.

Made in NSW

Manufacturing of steel in NSW is largely done at the main steel plant in Newcastle. Regular daily and weekly runs to Sydney ensure that all carports are always available.
At the point of manufacturing, the frame is pre-punched, and materials are cut to size. By doing this you only pay for the material you ordered and saves you time when it comes to the installation. Once all parts are ready, everything is consolidated and professionly wrapped, ready for delivery.

Time frames can vary, from order to delivery, of about 6 to 10 weeks. This is so that your carport can come in your choice of size and colorbond colour. A flat low delivery fee is offered so that you get even better value for money.
Delivery is always subject to an accessible site, so it’s a good idea to be present on the day that your carport kit arrives. Marking a drop point as to where to place the materials helps with delivery. Even sending through some site photos or a home plan ahead of time can also be helpful for the transport company and driver.
Once the delivery is made, you’re free to start the installation, but we do recommend that you first unpack and check all the materials for correct quantity and size or length.
A bill of materials will be included to assist you of course, together with the engineering drawings for your particular site.
All up this makes for an excellent DIY Carport Kit project, or an easier, less expensive installation for your builder to do.

These benefits mean ordering a Sydney Carport is easy for those living in the Sydney area. See more details below, and for further information and carport prices please contact us on 1300 011 191 or contact us on email with your details. If you do not wish to call from your own phone, please leave us an email with your contact number and we’ll be happy to call you back and provide you with a design and quote.


Do I Need Council Approval for a Carport in Sydney NSW?

In some cases you will not need approval in you meet all the requirements for exempt development.

Below are some guidelines, but this may not apply to all local councils:

  • For a lot larger than 300m2 in a rural zone the carport can be up to 50 m2
  • For a lot larger than 300m2 in a non-rural zone the carport can be up to 25 m2
  • For a lot less than 300m2 in any zone the carport can be up to 20 m2

Note: Guidlines above valid only at time of writing.


In other cases you will probably need to have council permission and permit.

The best thing to do is to search for a private building certifier in your area.

Speak with a few on them so you have a clear idea of what is needed at your home.


How much does a carport cost in Sydney?

The cost will depend on various factors including wind load, size, height and type of design.
If we assume a basic height of 2.4 metres and up to 4 car spaces, prices are as follows.
Carport prices for Sydney start at around $3300 and go up to $12000 for most carports.
A Single carport can range from $3300 up to $5500
A Double Carport can range from $3900 up to $7900

We are always happy to provide an accurate quote for your particular home, so feel free to send us an enquiry or call us.


An Ideal Solution

Carport Kits offer an easy way to add value to your home whilst safeguarding your car, bike, boat, caravan etc. Selecting the most appropriate style for your situation will make sure you get the utmost added valuation for your home. From Skillion roof Carports to Gable, Dutch Gable and Hip Roof Carports, there’s a carport design and size to fit your particular requirements.

A carport kit is essentially an disassembled version that can then be put together by you with the aid of your friends, or you can hire skilled tradesmen or a contractor to build the kit on your behalf. You’ll save the most money by constructing it yourself. That can save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

The least expensive and best method for constructing new carports is to get a steel & colorbond kit from Excalibur as we have dealing in these kinds of structures for years and have the reputation of producing top quality kits. You will notice that you can assemble it in a couple of days using basic domestic tools. Our kits include every single part and steel that are required for accomplishing the building work. This includes the roofing, the frame, the posts, gutter and flashings plus all the fasteners.

Needless to say it goes without saying, that carports of all types and sizes enable you to shield vehicles from the elements. Our carports quite often come in one car or two car designs but we can also do custom carports which are generally longer and wider when compared to the standard kit. They are also sometimes used as a patio or pergola over a deck, so you can enjoy outdoor living.

Excalibur carport kits provide you with the best alternatives on account of all the different sizes and shapes along with diverse colours and options that you have to choose from. Not only this, because these are kits and not preassembled or premade carports they often are much more cost-effective because the manufacturers do not have to pay the labor costs associated with building it.


Advantages of our Carport Designs are:

Virtually Any Size Available – As long as it can be engineered, we can make any size and height for you. We are not limited to just a single or double carport design. Let us know what you want for your home and we will supply it to you.

Pre-Cut and Punched – you are only purchasing the materials you need, and you don’t need to source all the components yourself. Additionally it reduces building time whether it’s a DIY carport project or you are employing builders to do the work.

Full Choice of Colours – You can choose from any of the colours in the Colorbond range, not just a limited number.

Engineered – Carports sent to Sydney will include the relevant engineering for your particular area within Sydney, so you know that your carport kit has been developed with the right climate and wind conditions in mind. They are also made completely from steel. Steel has a known strength and has many advantages over other materials such as timber or aluminium. For example, high tensile roofing is utilised, for high strength.

Delivered – There is a manufacturing plant for carports serving the Sydney and surrounding areas, and this means extra cost savings to you as a result of very minimal delivery fee available. Once everything has been delivered to your home, it’s only a case of checking off the material for correct quantity and length, and you’re ready to start off setting up.

All of these things represent a huge saving of time and money to you, and buying and building a complete kit hasn’t ever been so easy as it is now. Even if you use carport builders, you should still save money because the time it takes to build carports supplied by us is quicker.  

When placing your order for a kit, seek out the Australian made solutions and products since they are very high quality and easy to put together. We carry a wide array of carports kits from the most dependable Australian brands.

We supply and deliver direct to your home in metropolitan areas and most country towns. You can check out the details of your town by looking at our quote page. Please feel free to browse our wide range of carport kits and never be worried to let us know if you’ve got questions.

So again, if you are looking for a supplier of Carports for Sydney, give us a call or send us an email with what you need. We’ll be glad to help.


We look forward to speaking with you.

Warm Regards,

Keith and Ashley Fraser


Free Quote

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Delivery Areas – all suburbs of Sydney as well as Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands.

Otherwise you can arrange to pick up directly from the steel depot or branch.


Sydney Depot Locations

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Some Kind Words from our Customers who have bought carports from us:

Thank you for your prompt service, we would recommend you to anyone.

– Frank and Vicki F, Sydney