Hip Roof Carport

Hip Roof Carport

 A Hip roof carport can complement such a large range of different houses. Whether your home is a cutting edge piece of modern architecture, or a classic federation or Queenslander type style, these carports are a brilliant addition.

Hip Roof Carport


Cleverly designed with a simple frame and rafter layout that makes these carports strong and simple to erect.



Your Hip Roof Carport will have several benefits including:

  • Hip Roof Carport DIYHeavy Duty SHS Steel Posts
  • Hi Tensile C Section Galvanised Frames
  • Specific high tensile brackets and plates
  • Your carport will include all the flashings and trim in Colorbond, plus all the hardware you need to finish building it.
  • A stylish ‘Custom Orb’ profile roof as standard (other profiles available)
  • Site specific engineering available up to cyclonic conditions*
  • Australian designed and made

These hip roof carports come in either a square hip or rectangular hip design, and in various sizes including:

  • 3 metres x 6 metres
  • 3.5 metres x 6 metres
  • 3 metres x 12 metres
  • 4 metres x 6 metres
  • 4 metres x 8 metres
  • 4 metres x 10 metres
  • 4 metres x 12 metres
  • 4.8 metres x 4.8 metres
  • 5 metres x 5 metres
  • 5 metres x 6 metres
  • 5.5 metres x 5.5 metres
  • 5.5 metres x 6 metres
  • 6 metres x 6 metres
  • 6 metres x 7 metres
  • 6 metres x 8 metres
  • 6 metres x 9 metres
  • 6 metres x 12 metres
  • 7 metres x 7 metres
  • 8 metres x 8 metres


Heights of up to 2.8m clearance as standard are available for all the above sizes

Custom Sizes and heights are also available upon request **

Contact Excalibur Carports today and we will assist you in finding the right solution to your needs.

Did you know?
A hip roof carport design will generally withstand high winds better than other carport designs with different roof types.