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Hip Roof Carport

 A Hip roof style carport can complement such a large range of different houses. Whether your home is a cutting edge piece of modern architecture, or a classic federation or Queenslander type style, these carports are a brilliant addition. Hip roofs can also add more dimension to a house or property.

Hip Roof Carport


Our hip roof carports are fully designed in Australia, using Australian made steel. With a clever but simple frame and rafter layout, these carports are strong and straightforward to erect.



Our Hip Roof Carports have several benefits including:

  • Hip Roof Carport DIYHeavy Duty 100mm SHS Steel Posts
  • Hi Tensile Steel C Section Galvanised Frames
  • Specific high tensile steel brackets and plates
  • Your carport will include all the flashings and trim in Colorbond, plus all the hardware you need to finish building it.
  • A stylish ‘Custom Orb’ profile roof as standard (other profiles available)
  • Coloured Screws as standard to match the carport roof and flashings 
  • Site specific engineering available up to cyclonic conditions*
  • Australian designed and made


Almost Unlimited Choice of Carport Sizes

These hip roof carports come in either a square hip or rectangular hip design. We can custom make to whatever size you want, as long as it can be engineered. Here is a list of sizes to start with:

  • 3 metres x 6 metres
  • 3 metres x 7 metres
  • 3.5 metres x 6 metres
  • 3 metres x 12 metres
  • 4 metres x 6 metres
  • 4 metres x 8 metres
  • 4 metres x 10 metres
  • 4 metres x 12 metres
  • 4.8 metres x 4.8 metres
  • 5 metres x 5 metres
  • 5 metres x 6 metres
  • 5.5 metres x 5.5 metres
  • 5.5 metres x 6 metres
  • 6 metres x 6 metres
  • 6 metres x 7 metres
  • 6 metres x 8 metres
  • 6 metres x 9 metres
  • 6 metres x 12 metres
  • 7 metres x 7 metres
  • 8 metres x 8 metres

A range of heights for carports is also available for all the above sizes, from 2.1m clearance all the way up to a 4m clearance.


Choice of Colours

To make sure you can match your home, you can choose from any of the classic range of Colorbond colours, as well as Zincalume. A limited range of matt Colorbond colours are also available for an additional cost. 


Choice of Roof Pitches to Best Suit Your Home

Hip Roof Carports come standard with a 20 degree roof pitch, however we now also offer 22.5 degrees and 25 degrees roof pitches.

Solar Panel Option for Your Carport Design

Option to support Solar Panels: If you are looking to fit solar panels now or in the future, you now have the option for your carport to support up to 20 kilograms of solar panels per square metre. This gives you more flexibility and use out of your carport product.


Can I Get Engineering for my Hip Carport

Every Comes With Site Specific Engineering to Current Australian Standards, Wind Codes and Building Codes. This means all the relevant drawings as well as a signed form, certificate or letter from the engineer, depending on the state you live in. 


What’s Included With Your Carport

Absolutely everything is included with the carport kit. This includes:

Posts, Frame, Roof Sheets, flashings, guttering, downpipes, connecting brackets, bolts, nuts, screws, rivets and even a tube of silicone for the guttering.

The only thing you need for the installation is some concrete. 

You will also receive what we call a ‘bill of materials’, which is essentially a list of parts. Every part can then be checked off when your carport arrives. As mentioned above, all the engineering drawings also come with the carport. These will show you very easy to understand connection details to put the frame together. Of course, if you have any questions you can also call for some old fashioned technical assistance.



Here are some other frequently asked questions on a hip roof 

What are the disadvantages of a hip roof?

There aren’t really any disadvantages. Carports with a hip style roofline match most houses very well and can add value to your property.

The only thing to bear in mind is that it takes a bit longer to install, as you need to cut most if not all of the roof sheets to the angle required.

Why are Hip Roofs Better?

Hip roof carports are a better option for a lot of homes as they match the house roof design more closely than other carport designs. They also

Is a hip roof good for wind?

A hip roof shape is a very good design for a pitched roof, when it comes to wind load. This is because it has less cross sectional area on the roof, when compared to a gable or dutch gable roof design.

How are hip roofs measured?

The depth/span and width/length are always measured as a frame size, which is everything except for the guttering. This is the same for other carports. The only difference being that the guttering can add 250mm to 270mm to the overall measurement depending on which type is used.  This is due to the gutters being on all 4 sides.

What is the difference between a gable roof and a hip roof?

The main difference is that a gable roof slopes on 2 sides and a hip roof slopes on 4 sides.

The 2 sides that do not slope on a gable are usually designed with gable infill panels. 



Contact Excalibur Carports today and we will assist you in finding the right solution to your needs.

Did you know?

A hip roof design carport can be a good economical solution in windy areas, due to the smaller cross section area of roof that is exposed to the wind.