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We are the leading supplier of DIY carports and carport kits throughout Australia. If you are looking to store and protect your valuable cars, boat, caravan or motorhome, your solution is here.

The Best Steel Carports and Carport Kits for Sale in Australia

Buying and Building Your Own DIY Carport from Scratch is Hard. 

We make it easier for you…. much easier.

Every Part Included

Quicker Installation

Engineering Included

Custom Sizes

Solar Panel Ready Options

Delivered Direct to You

  • Only Australian made and manufactured Bluescope steel and genuine Colorbond supplied – Only quality materials are supplied.
  • Complete range of Colorbond colours to choose from – Not just a limited range.
  • Coloured screws provided as standard – Made to match the colour of your roof and trim, giving you a better finished product. Several suppliers will just include bare zinc screws. Coloured screws work much better to finish off your carport.
  • Designed and Engineered to all current Australian Wind Conditions including Cyclonic –  compliant with current BCA building codes and Australian standards – that’s peace of mind for you
  • Multiple Designs and Configurations Available – giving you more options to find the right carport. They are also sometimes used as patios.
  • More weight in steel for your carport than our competitors –   not all carports are the same, compare our range and you will be pleasantly surprised. Our total weight numbers can also be proven.
  • Not limited to set sizes or configurations –  tailor made to your needs

Don’t be deceived by companies saying it is 100% manufactured in Australia. You must also ask if the actual steel is made in Australia as well. You see, when the steel is refined it ends up as a large coil of flat material. It is then roll-formed after that into the shape that is needed, such as a roof sheet or a piece of gutter. Excalibur carports only supplies Aussie made and manufactured steel. This also includes Colorbond.

  •  What’s Included With My Carport? – When you order your carport in kit form, every part needed is included. This includes the frame, posts, roof & infill sheets, flashings, guttering, downpipes and fasteners. Even a tube of silicone for sealing the gutter.  
  •  Can I have a Choice of Colours? – With us, you get to choose from any of the colours in the Colorbond range, as well as Zincalume. We only use and recommend genuine Colorbond coated steel. Be aware on inferior steel and coatings. Colorbond steel is made in Australia and tested for Australian conditions.
  •  How Long Does it Take to Manufacture Carports? – Due to the current situation in Australia, challenges with supply and workers is constantly affecting lead times. Some states are better off than others, but allow at least 9 weeks, up to 16 weeks from day of order & payment, to delivery. This however can be longer. Steel suppliers have notified the industry to expect delays. As such, we cannot at this stage guarantee a time period. This can extend out slightly in busy periods, such as Christmas.
  •  I Need Engineering for Council Approval, Can I Get That? – Yes, every carport supplied includes full site specific engineering for your particular location.
  •  Do You Offer Installation? – No, we specialise in supply of carport kits to most of Australia. Unfortunately however, we do not get involved in construction or installation. We may be able to put you in touch with experienced trades if needed. They will deal direct with you, to simply and easily complete your project.
  •  Can I add a Roller Door or Panel Door? – Roller/Panel doors are not covered under the standard engineering. Carports are designed as open sided structures and adding roller doors or walls compromises the design, and can affect the wind load and dead load on the building. People have their own choice in what they do, but we recommend against it, and will not be liable for any consequences. 
  •  Can I Fix to a Concrete Slab – In nearly every case, the answer is no. The use of footing plates on existing concrete is limited. They cannot be used in Cyclonic wind regions. In non-cyclonic wind regions, there must be adequate footings under the concrete, made to the engineering requirements. You are also limited with size and height. The best option is to either cut holes out of the concrete (a common practice these days) or change the carport size to go outside the line of the concrete if possible. The use of footing plates may compromise the design and engineering of the building. Again, Excalibur Carports and Excalibur Steel Buildings will not be liable for any consequences where the engineering has not been followed.
  •  Do I Need Council Approval? – In most cases you will need approval from Council. The best option would be talk with a local private/building certifier or building surveyor. They can assist you in getting your building approved in the quickest and easiest way.
  •  What Tools are Needed? – Basic steel building tools are all that is needed in most cases. These include a cordless drill and/or screw gun, tin snips, sockets or spanners, spirit level, tape measure, pencil etc. You may also need things such as clamps to hold the posts or the frame as you are assembling.

At Excalibur, we are an Australian family owned business with a long history in the building industry (over 3 generations) – Keith was actually supplying carports in the 1970’s! We don’t just sell them, we know how they are designed and how they go together.

Your project is our primary interest and every situation can be slightly different, so we like to offer more of a personalised service to each of our customers. If you are looking for diy Carport Kits that are strong, look good and will add value to your home, give us a call on 1300 011191 to discuss your requirements. You can also request a free quote by going to the Carport Quote page and sending us an enquiry. As well as carports we can also supply you with sheds and mezzanine floors. 

We’d love to speak with you.

Thanks again

Warm Regards,

Ashley Fraser

My carport has been up for over six months now and I’m super impressed.
All my visitors have commented on the attention to detail and quality (strength) of the components. Please feel free to pass on my details to any potential buyers that would like to view it and confirm ease of assembly.

Kind regards,

I toured the neighbourhood looking at all the carports….I didn’t like a lot of them as they appeared to be of very light construction. After exploring several carport firms and not finding what I was looking for, I finally struck gold and discovered Excalibur Carports. I had a lot of questions needing answers. Ashley explained everything I needed to know. All of their communications were timely and accurate and the quoted price was good. The complete kit arrived on time, packed well with everything accounted for. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Excalibur to anyone in need of a good carport.

Best regards,
Kevin B.

Thank you to Ashley & Keith at Excalibur Carports. They provided a professional end-to-end service, managing all aspects of my Dutch Gable carport. The quality of the carport is great. The structure is solid and well engineered. I constantly receive compliments from those you see it. I would have no hesitation in using Excalibur Carports for future projects.

paul w.

Thank you for your prompt service, we would recommend you to anyone.

Frank & Vicki F.

Thank you for supplying the Excalibur carport for our driveway. The 6mx6m carport is a magnificent structure and compliments the rest of the house perfectly. I found your knowledge of building codes and requirements to be extremely helpful, as was your customer service and post sale interest in the project. Once again, thank you, and I will not hesitate in recommending your product and service.

Phil C.

Thanks very much for the assistance you provided with our DIY project. The finished product looks great.

Craig W.

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Other Products Available

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