Skillion Carport Kits – getting the roof fall direction right

Attention: Before ordering your skillion carport kit-

make sure the roof is sloping the right way for you and the guttering is on the side you want it to be.

To some people this may not sound likea big deal, but don’t get caught out ordering a carport kit then finding out the roof is not falling the right way for your house or site.

Here are a few important factors to remember:

Check which way the roof falls – The roof sheets usually fall across the width or span of a skillion carport. This is how an engineer will usually look at it.

Check which side the guttering is on – the gutttering will be at the low end of the carport so that the water from the roof sheets can be collected and sent to the downpipe.

When you fill out the enquiry form with Excalibur Carports to get a quote, we will assume the width to be the side that the roof sheets will fall across

ie. a 6m wide carport will have it’s highest point at one end of the 6m, with the low end being at the other end of the 6m

Skillion Carport Roof Fall


Just a little of time working out the orientation of your skillion carport can avoid any possible problems and ensure your carport goes up as you want it to.

We hope this helps. If you need any more information, please call or email us and we’d be glad to assist you with your carport kit.

Warm regards,

Keith and Ashley
Excalibur Carports