DIY carports or do it yourself carports as they are also known, are one of the best home improvement projects you can do.

 They provide an excellent and cost effective way to protect your vehicles and valuable investments and can last you for many years to come.

Free standing Diy carports and a Carport kits are essentially the same in almost every way, but there are things to look for to make sure it is a true ‘do it yourself carport’ type exercise.

What makes a DIY carport

  • A diy carport has to minimise the work needed to install it.
  • It should be able to be done without the need for expensive specialist tools. See our articles on Tools Needed for Carport Kits for more information.
  • It should be designed to pass the relevant building and wind codes. All our carports comply with current standards.
  • It should also include the specific engineering documents so you don’t have to pay the considerable extra money to an engineer.
  • It should have instructions and/or some drawings as well as technical assistance. All carports come with drawings with QR codes for a detailed view of all the connections, plus a complete list of parts. You can also call us with any questions.
  • Be made from quality materials that can be sourced locally and easily – we use Australian made steel and Genuine Colorbond from Bluescope Lysaght for these very reasons (no cheap materials here).
  • You should have the choice of all the different designs and roof types

Things to know when buying a Do It Yourself Carport

Before you spend your hard earned money, make sure that you are getting the best solution for your home. Below is some information that will help you.

Decide which carport design you are interested in. 

Here are some question to ask yourself initially

  • What type of vehicles is it to be used for
  • Do you need to just protect your valuable vehicles, 
  • Are you looking to add a bit more dimension to your house and property
  • Do you want to add value to your property
  • Do you want to match the type of roof that you house has 

Measure the space you have where the carport will go.

Every property is different, so it’s a good idea for you to find out how much area you have and if the carport will fit. 

Decide What size Carport Kit You Want

Once you know how much space you have you can now confirm the size, depending on how many vehicles you need to protect. Do you need a single, a double or a custom carport size designed for you. 

Check for the maximum height and uneven ground – You will need to find the lowest point on the ground and use this as the height for your carport. This will ensure the engineering is covered and that you will have an adequate length for the posts when you install the carport.

Tip: Follow the driveway if you’re buying a skillion type carport – If you have a sloping driveway, a skillion carport can minimise the relative difference on your ground levels if the roof fall follows the fall on the driveway.

Solar Panels on the Carport

Will you look at fitting solar panels to the carport (now or in the future). We can offer an option where the carports can properly support the load of solar panels. If you feel that the roof area is large enough to do this, let us know.

Check if Council approval is required

In nearly every case a council approval is part of the process of getting a carport. The best option is to usually contact a private building certifier or surveyor. They will act as a ‘middle man’ between you and the council and you will find this a much easier and quicker way to get approval.

Find out what tools you will need

Carports are comparitively a simple structure, so some basic tools as well as a few different tools is all you will need.

These include tape measure, spirit level, spanners or sockets, cordless drill, tin snips, silicone gun, rivet gun and square.

Here are the benefits that you get by using free standing diy carport kits by Excalibur Carports:

Pre-Cut and Punched

 the steel structure members and posts are all cut to length and hole-punched to take the connecting bolts. This saves you time, allowing you, or an installer (if you don’t want to diy), to quickly and easily build the carport.

Engineering Included

All kit carports through Excalibur Carports include engineering drawings compliant with current standards and able to be used for Council application and approval. You won’t get caught out and you will save money, knowing your carport design is correct.

Clever Carport Designs

 Diy carport kits that have been properly designed are strong but also simple to build

Australian Steel Supplied

– We only supply genuine high tensile and Colorbond steel from Bluescope Lysaght so you know it’s made to last

Entire range of Colorbond colours

You are not limited to just a few colours. You can choose from the full collection of genuine Colorbond colours available as well as Zincalume, so your carport will look it’s best.

Choice of Sizes and Roof Types

Huge range of special custom sizes and  heights to suit any vehicle, whether it be a car, boat, caravan, motorhome, truck etc. You also have a choice of roof types and roofing sheets. You also will always get the most value if you match the roof of diy carport kits to the roof of your house.

Here are the 4 main designs:

Skillion Roof

Also called a flat roof carport by some, they are the most simple diy type kit available. Covers all sorts of vehicles quickly and easily. The standard pitch on a skillion is usually 2 or 5 degrees.

Gable Roof

A traditional pitched gable roof carport which can come in many different sizes. With a gable roof you can have infills at both open ends which adds extra appeal. You can even get different roof pitches for your kit. Again, a great diy project.

Hip Roof

These are a very popular carport because they match and enhance many houses with the same type of roof shape. Choose from a square or rectangular shape to suit 1 car, 2 cars or many vehicles.

Dutch Gable Roof

This type of kit does require a bit more work with the roof area, but the rewards far outweigh this. The final result will have your neighbours talking about it (this is the feedback we receive from customers) as well as adding value to your home.

Delivery to Your Site – Because we have national agreements with our suppliers, there is delivery of our carports Australia Wide to most towns and cities:Delivery availability to major centres: BrisbaneSydneyMelbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin. Plus most regional areas. In most cases freight is charged at a minimal flat fee.

When you actually do a project yourself from start to finish, it actually makes you feel great, it gives you that feeling of satisfaction because you are the one that did it.

Not all of us can, or want to, build a house. But a diy carport is a lot more do-able and well worth the experience. So if you are looking to protect your favourite car, boat, caravan, motorhome (some use them for a patio), why not look at buying and building a do it yourself carport. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Give us a call on 1300 011 191 and speak with a carport professional, so we can help you with a diy solution for your home, or if you simply want prices, go to the Carports Quoting page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.Thanks very much

Warm Regards,Keith and AshleyExcalibur Carports