Carport Designs

Carport Designs

One important factor when looking to buy a carport is to first look at the various carport designs.                    This is to a large extent relates to the roof type and shape of the carport. Selecting the right carport design can make a big difference in how it complements your house and adds value to it.

Here are some hint and tips on which carport design to pick:

  • 1. Look at the type and shape of roof on your house and try to best match your carport kit to suit.
  • 2. Determine the height you need. Look at the vehicles you own or are thinking about for the future. What minimum clearance height might you need. Do you want to line up the fascia and gutter as best you can to the house.
  • 3. Choose colours that mirror the colour scheme on your house. If you are renovating your house then choose the colours you will be changing to.

The 4 main carport designs are:

Dutch Gable Carport –

A higher quality design (along with hip roof carports). Made to enhance your house to the next level. These give great street appeal. Don’t be surprised if you get complements from your neighbours. We’ve seen it many times.

Dutch Gable Carport

Hip Roof Carport –

A popular carport with a premium finish. This design matches many houses very well. A very attractive and complete carport that you will be proud of. The idea is to make the carport look as if it was part of the house from the start, and these do that.

Double Carport with hip roof

Gable Carport –

A simpler carport design that also has style. These have the option of gable infills or open ends (no infills).

Gable Carports in Brisbane complete with infills and made from steel manufactured in Queensland.

Skillion Carport –

Sometimes called a flat roof carport, even though there is a slight pitch or slope on the roof. Made and designed to protect your vehicles on a smaller budget, compared to other carport designs.

Skillion Carport Kits

Carport Designs in Kit Form

There are a few factors involved in a good design for carport kits:Simple Construction - A well designed carport kit should go together reasonably easy. Pre-cut and punched frames will help with this.Engineered - It should also comply with the building codes and wind conditions in your area. We include engineering with all our carport kits, for your peace of mind.Choice of Colours - To enhance the value for your home, you should also have a full choice of colours to best match your house.Complete With Everything - To make it easier, carport kits should come with every part needed to build it. This means right down to the downpipe and nuts, bolt and screws. Excalibur carports will provide every part needed for your carport.Quality Steel - Using quality steel means a stronger carport and a better finish. We only use Australian made steel from Bluescope Lysaght, the largest steel supplier in the country.Which type of carport do you need? If you have any question on the different carport designs, please call us on 1300 011 191 or send us an email to look forward to helping you with your carport project.