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Carport Kits – ready to build & designed for you

Hi and welcome to Excalibur Carports, where we aim to provide the best carport kits to our customers. Australia is a great country and we have some of the best weather in the world. Unfortunately this weather can also have a bad long term effect on our valuable possessions.
If you have had a vehicle outside for any length of time, you’ll know what I mean – yeah? That beautiful car, boat, caravan or motorhome is getting hammered by the sun, rain, snow and hail. Something is needed so you can protect your vehicles for many years to come.
This is where carport kits come in. They provide an easy way to add value to your home whilst safeguarding your valuable possessions.
Our range of carports provide a simple and effective solution for your home.

So What is a Carport Kit?

It's essentially a disassembled carport. It's a group of steel parts, that when put together, makes up the specific carport you are after. They are purposely designed so that the individual pieces can go together as easily as possible. However not all carport kits are the same. A well designed structure should be quick and easy to build, and cheaper than if you had to design and build it yourself. It should also be strong.

The carport kits come pre-punched and cut and include every part you will need to install. This means a huge saving in time and money, which are two of the main reasons people order DIY carports. Our housing is also well suited to carport kits. There are many different sizes available in several carport designs including gable, dutch gable, skillion and hip roof carports.

The ideal home project?

Geared towards the do it yourself home handyman as well as builders and installers, carport kits make for an ideal building project at home. They can be put together by you, with the aid of your friends and family, or you can hire qualified tradesmen or a licensed contractor to assemble the kit for you. You will save the most money by constructing the carport yourself. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the end.

The least expensive and best method to put together a new carport is to get a steel & colorbond carport kit from Excalibur. We have dealing in these products for a long time and have the reputation of providing superior kits. You will notice that you can put it together in a few days using basic tools. They include every part and steel that are required for completing the building work.

Obviously it goes without saying, that carports of all types and sizes can be used to protect vehicles from the climate. Our carport kits most often come in one car or two car designs but we can easily also do custom carports which are generally wider, longer or higher than the average structure.

Excalibur carport systems supply you with the best options as a result of all the different sizes and shapes along with diverse colours and selections that you have to select from. Additionally, because these are kits rather than preassembled or premade carports they often tend to be more affordable because the manufacturers aren’t required to pay for the labour costs associated with constructing it.

Our Carport Kits Will Save You Time and Money:

  • You only pay for the materials you need, which means you save money – because our kits are pre-punched and pre-cut, you get the right size and length of steel for the job. If you are building a carport kit from scratch yourself, you’ll buy full lengths of steel, then cut it to the size that suits. This creates a lot of wastage and lost hours or days. Why pay for steel you won’t use. Our national contract with suppliers such as Bluescope Lysaght also ensures you get the best prices possible, factory direct pricing.
  • You get everything you need saving you time - Everything you need to build your carport kit comes in one drop, delivered to your door – including the frame, roof, posts, plates and even the downpipes, guttering and bolts and screws. You won’t have to source all the individual steel parts, they will all come to you at once. Just grab your tools and you are right to go.
  • Quicker Installation means you can get your vehicle protected sooner – Installation is made easier by the fact that the carport kits are cut and punched to size. Everything is made to fit together and you also get a bill of material (parts list), a guide and drawings to assist you. Whether you do it yourself or bring in an installer, you will save time and money.
  • Engineering is included with Excalibur Carport Kits – this saves you a ton of money as well as time finding a draftsman and engineer to do the work. Remember, you need engineering to comply with current standards and be able to get approval from council. Our carport kits are designed to suit all wind regions in Australia, including cyclonic.
  • Delivery can be made directly to site, making it easier for you – we regularly service all the major cities in Australia including BrisbaneSydneyMelbourneCanberraAdelaide and Perth. With our national suppliers we can also deliver to most other areas of Australia – you don’t have to organise a truck and we have negotiated some great flat rate fees for freight. All the steel materials are professionally consolidated, packed and wrapped to guarantee a successful transfer.
  • Here are the main advantages to you:

    Pre-Cut to Size as Much as Possible – This saves you money because you only pay for what you need. You are not paying for any excess wastage in steel. Here’s a simple example – You might want a 6m long carport. You would have to buy stock lengths to make it up yourself, so you would need to buy steel that is 7.5m long. You would then need to cut off the 1.5m that you don’t need – that’s a wastage factor of 20%. You’d be paying 20% too much! Our kits allow you to save on this wastage by supplying the lengths you need.

    Fully Hole Punched to Minimise Time – It can take hours of your time and several drill bits to drill all the holes needed. By having the kit pre-punched it saves you both time and money in wear and tear on your tools, whether it's a DIY project for yourself or you have a builder doing it for you.

    Includes every Component Needed to Build it – You don't need to source each of the components yourself. This should include not just the posts, frame and roof, but also the guttering, downpipe and fasteners.

    Fully Engineered to your specific site & Ready for Council – Fully compliant, site specific engineering means that your carport kit is specifically designed for your actual site address. This is so you know it passes the current building standards and will cope with the wind and weather in your local area. If you decide to build a carport yourself, one of the first things you need is engineering. To do this, you ask a structural engineer to draw up and certify a design for you. This can be costly and time consuming, and you may need to do several draft designs before settling on a final one. Engineering is included with every carport kit from Excalibur Carports. 

    All our carports come with the relevant site specific engineering. This is a big saving to you, and you know that your carport kit has been created to the correct weather and wind conditions. The designs also meet or exceed current national building codes. The drawings for ready for you to submit to council for building approval. You generally have 2 options when deciding how to submit your council application. You can deal with your local council directly yourself or you can use a private building certifier, who will submit the application on your behalf. You will need to include a site plan (to scale and shape) and the engineering when submitting the council building application forms.In nearly every case, a council approval is needed, even for a simple single carport or double carport size.

    Delivered to Your Door - With multiple steel manufacturing plants and branches in every state, direct deliveries can be done to nearly all areas of the country. This includes all capital cities like Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. Many other regional towns and areas are also covered through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

    This is done at a very low competitive price, and this means extra reductions to you as a result of our very minimal delivery fee. Once you place your order, the estimated time until you receive your carport kit is about 5 to 6 weeks. You have complete choice of colour and size. After the carport has been dropped at your site, it’s only a case of checking over material for correct amount and size. Once you've done that, you’re ready to start.

    Locally Designed and Made from Australian Steel - When placing your order for a kit, seek out the Australian made solutions and products because they’re very high quality and easy to put together. We have a wide range of carports kits from only the most reputable Australian manufacturers. 

    Your carport will also be made from quality Australian steel, including genuine Colorbond. Bluescope steel carry out a lot of testing to make sure the materials in your carport kit can withstand the Australian conditions and time has shown this.

    All of these reasons represent a large saving of your time and money to you, and ordering a carport kit has never been easier as it is now.

    So if you are looking for a supplier of Carport Kits contact us or send us an email with what you need and we’ll gladly help.

    Which Carport Kit Do You Need

    With many options available, sometimes it can be confusing as to which carport kit to choose for your own situation. But with some simple guidance you can quickly figure it out.

    There are 2 main determining factors in choosing the best carport –

    • What types of vehicles do you have
    • What type of house do you have

    Vehicle Type

    Different vehicles have slightly different needs. The main thing to consider is the size of the carport needed, and what it will look like at your home. But no matter which vehicle you have, we can supply you with a carport to suit, including:


    Protecting their car or cars is the obvious reason for most people to buy a carport kit.

    What we would suggest is to check the size and height of your car to make sure the carport size allows enough to fit your car. Standard cars are fairly straightforward, but some people have four wheel drives with roof racks fitted etc. This will change the original height.

    Also consider how the structure can complement your house. Most carports are next to, or in front of the house. Choosing which design or roof type can directly impact the value and look of your property.

    Trucks and Buses

    Just tell us the length and height you need and we will give you a price for a carport kit to suit. We can supply carport structures up to 6m high and higher, and to any length you want. Typically the posts have to be concreted directly into the ground due to the height, but this makes for a better building anyway.


    Now you’ve got that caravan you’ve always wanted, make sure it lasts by protecting it from the sun and weather. Again, the main thing to check is the clearance height. Some caravans have a pop up centre section, some take this into account when choosing. Always allow some extra clearance in height. Small things things such as upgrading the suspension or replacing tyres could change the overall height of the caravan.

    For more information see the article on Caravan Carport Kits


    Similar story her to Caravans, truck and buses. Make sure the height and length is right and you’re good to go. For some motorhomes and caravans the gable carport is a good choice because you have the option of getting one without the gable infills. This is good when you want more height in the centre part to accommodate a rooftop air conditioning unit etc.

    House Type

    Apart from size and height, have a think about how the carport will look at your home. This is when you are also trying to enhance the look of your property or match the carport in with the house.

    The right style or carport design will add a good amount of value to your property and improve the overall appearance. For example, if you have a Dutch Gable feature on your house, a Dutch Gable carport will probably be the best option for you. If you have hip roof on your house, buy a hip roof carport to match in with it. You’re trying to make it look like it was always there and part on the overall plan.

    Some flexibility can be had with roof pitches in certain styles, but most are designed to match well as standard to most houses.

    Carport Kit Designs

    Our range of carports will provide a simple and effective solution for your home.

    Check Out the Main Carport Designs Below:

    Dutch Gable Carport

    These are a premium solution for protecting your vehicles. They are available in various sizes and heights and you have the choice of the entire Colorbond range of colours. The roof pitch is set to enhance most house roof pitches and the 'Dutch' style gable ends also add that extra dimension.

    Dutch Gable Carport

    Hip Roof Carport

    Being a hip roof, these carports complement most houses beautifully. Again, there are many sizes and heights to choose from, with all the Colorbond colours available. Everything included right down to guttering, downpipe and fasteners. A well finished carport kit you’ll be proud of.

    Hip Roof Carport Kits

    Gable Carport

    A gable or ‘pitched roof’ carport is a way to get a carport that looks good but doesn’t set you back in top end pricing. From a single car size right up to 9 metres wide and beyond. You also have the option of having the gable infills (standard) or removing them for more usable height.

    Gable Carport Kits

    Skillion Carport

    Function with finish. That’s probably the best way to describe these skillion roof carports, also know as flat roof carports. Scalable in size with choice of any colour in the Colorbond range. Multiple designs of roof frames. With a skillion roof, we can also do overhangs if you need it. Click below for more information.

    Skillion Carport

    The Ideal Do It Yourself Project

    Geared towards the do it yourself home handyman as well as builders and installers, the carport kits come pre-punched and cut, so that you have minimal extra work to do, to finish your project. By using clever designs and up to date engineering, you can now get better quality products than elsewhere. They are easier to build and pass all current council and building standards.

    Multiple Carport Sizes available

    No matter what design you are after, you can get it in the size you need.

    Sizes include:

    An almost range of sizes in between are also available. There is no set limits on the width, length or height on your carport. 

    Carport Kits That Come With Every Part You Need To Build It

    • Strong Steel Posts: The carports are predominately supplied with SHS steel posts. These are used because of their strength and availability in a galvanised finish on the outside. They represent the best value for money for you. 
    • Steel Frame: A high tensile C section is mainly used for all structures, with oversized topspan lengths used as roof purlins in the gable, hip roof, and dutch type gable roof carports.
    • Roofing: Genuine Colorbond or Zincalume in both Trimdek or Custom Orb profiles.
    • Connection Brackets: These are specifically made for your carport in order to maintain it's strength and ensure it simply goes together easily.
    • Colorbond Flashings: The carport flashings are made from strong high tensile steel and folded for the specific use and location in your carport. They are mostly fabricated from genuine Colorbond steel, but can be done in Zincalume as well. Heavier gauge flashings are supplied for stiffness and longevity.
    • Lysaght Guttering and Downpipes: Contrary to others, Excalibur carports include the gutters and downpipes. The guttering supplied is genuine Bluscope Lysaght guttering. It has been made for many years and has proven to be reliable. You are also able to buy replacement sections if ever you need it.
    • Quality Fasteners: All the bolts, nuts, screw and rivets that you need also come with your carport kit.

    We offer FREE quotes and consultations. Please send us an email at or phone us on Ph. 1300 011 191. You can also send an email via the contact us page.

    We look forward to helping you with your building project.

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