Double Carport

Looking for a Double Carport?

Excalibur Carports can supply you a double carport kit in all the main carport designs. The typical size for a double carport is 6 metres x 6 metres, but if you need a different size to this, please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your particular needs. Various height are available, depending on what vehicle you have – a car, four wheel drive, boat or caravan etc. All the carports come with strong SHS steel posts, either 75mm or 100mm in diameter. They have a hi-tensile steel frame made from C-Section and use genuine Colorbond Steel for the roof sheets, flashings and guttering. The frame and posts come pre-cut and pre-punched which makes installation much easier. All the materials and hardware that you need are included. We can deliver a double carport to most areas of Australia. If you have any questions on double carports, please contact us or if you are after carport prices, please ask for a carport quote.


Typical Sizes Available

Gable Roof Double Carport KitTraditionally a double carport has been 6m x 6m, however if you need different size, Excalibur Carports can also help with that. We can supply pretty much any width, length and height around a double carport size you want, such as:
5m x 5m
5.5m x 5.5m
5.5m x 6m
6m x 6m
6.5m x 6m
7m x 6m

plus more sizes available

Types of Double Carports available:Double Carport Kit with Dutch Gable



  • Double Carport Kit with Skillion or Flat RoofSHS Steel posts
  • Hi Tensile Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Hi Tensile connection brackets
  • Genuine Colorbond Roof and Trim
  • Coloured Screws included
  • Australian Designed and made
  • Pre-Engineered for Cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas
  • Pre-Cut and Punched
  • All the materials supplied –
  • Posts, frame, sheeting, flashings, guttering, downpipe and hardware
  • Delivered direct to you


Here are 5 factors you should investigate before buying your carport kit:

  1. Quality of Steel – are you buying a carport made from genuine Australian steel or is it imported steel. Excalibur Carports have always been associated with Bluescope steel and so you can feel confident you are getting a quality double carport kit
  2. Engineering Design – firstly does the double carport kit come with the relevant site specific engineering. If it doesn’t, we would recommend that you steer clear of it as you will never be able to get it approved. All double carports from Excalibur Carports include the engineering. Secondly does the engineering comply with current standards and wind conditions. We can supply carport kit suitable for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas.
  3. Finish – only genuine colorbond can give you a long lasting professional clean finish
  4. Aestetics – is it to scale, does it include all the flashings and coloured screws
  5. Ease of Construction – does the carport kit come with a guide and drawings, a parts list so you can check off what you need, and can you call up if you need some technical assistance.