A functional, decent looking Carport with a skillion roof for simple assembly

Skillion Carport for 4 cars or vansWhether you need protection for 1 car, 2 cars, 4 cars or that valuable boat or caravan, there is something to suit your needs. Skillion carport kits are a great example of a DIY project that is not only very achievable by a home handyman, but something that you will take pride in long after you have finished putting it up.

There are 2 handy things to first consider when looking to buy a skillion roof carport in particular:

  1. Getting the correct height you need – by their very design, skillion carports have a high side and low side. If you need a minimum clearance for your car, boat or caravan etc, you need to make sure the height will work – see the article on skillion carport kits – selecting the right height for more information.
  2. Working out which way you want the roof to slope or fall – a skillion roof falls in a singular direction, whether that is left to right, right to left, front to back or back to front. This also determines the side the gutter is on – for more on this go to the article on getting the roof fall direction right.
Skillion Roof Carports are also sometimes called flat roof carports, but is the roof actually flat?

Whilst some people use the term flat roof carport, the roof cannot be flat. If you think about it, the water needs to run off the steel roof in case of rain and so the roof needs to have a pitch or slope to it.

What is the Minimum Pitch for a Skillion Roof?

The minimum roof pitch is 2 degrees. With this pitch, Lysaght ‘Trimdek’ must be used. Lysaght, who are the manufacturer and rollformer, recommend this in their documentation. 

What are the standard roof pitches for skillion carports

There are 2 roof pitch values used with nearly all skillion roof carports. They are 2 degrees and 5 degrees. The type of steel roof sheet you want to use on a skillion roof depends on the roof pitch. As mentioned above, Lysaght Trimdek can be used on 2 degrees and 5 degrees, whereas Lysaght Custom Orb needs 5 degrees minimum.

Custom Orb sheeting is sometimes referred to as corrogated iron. The reason it need 5 degrees of roof pitch is the extra resistance it has for draining the water off. In other words, the water takes longer to get off the roof. Water adds weight, so it needs to get off the roof sheet as soon as possible, to decrease weight.

What are the advantages of Skillion Carports?

  • Simplest and easiest to install
  • Lower maintenance
  • Generally the most affordable to buy
  • Can have an advantage in high wind areas, due to the low pitch
  • Cheaper than a garage and much easier to get council approval

What is the size of a Single Carport?

The size most people think of with single carports is 3m x 6m or ‘3×6’. This usually to fit one car, but many other sizes are available.  Remember that the posts sit inside the frame and so the clearance for you car is less than 3 metres. If you have a wider car or a car with large mirrors, it’s worth considering a larger size.  

Some Carport Single Sizes:

3m x 5m, 3.5m x 5m, 3m x 5.5m, 3m x 6m, 3.5m x 6m, 4m x 6m, 4m x 6.5m, 4.5m x 6m or anything in between.

What are sizes for Double Carports?

6m x 6m is a common size talked about for a double carport. Some call it a 6×6 skillion carport or a double skillion. This covers 2 cars, but you can have a larger or smaller carports.  

However, these are just sizes that have become popularly known. We can supply you with any size.

Some Carport Double Sizes:

5m x 5m, 5.5m x 5.5m, 5.5m x 6m, 6m x 6m, 6m x 6.5m, 6m x 7m, 7m x 6m or anything in between.

You choose the size carport you want and we can supply it.

Is Guttering and a Downpipe Included?

Yes, guttering in included, but it only needs one, on the low side. Downpipes are also included. It is a general requirement with councils that carports have gutter and downpipes, so the the water can be sent to the stormwater pipes on your property. We do however also offer options of having no gutter and/or no downpipe. 

Giving you strength to protect your vehicles

It starts with simple but strong designs to suit all of the weather conditions that Australia can give us. Carports and similar structures are what engineers call ‘opensided’ designed buildings; in simple language they have no walls! This could place more wind pressure on the roof and structure than if it had all the sides or walls, so a good strong structure is a must. Skillion CarportWe can provide multiple options of good strong designs depending on your budget and particular situation. For the columns, 100mm SHS steel posts are used by default, with the wall thickness varying, depending on the engineering and wind load. The steel posts are normally concreted directly into the ground these days. Footing plates are available, but are not used often and only in low wind areas. The frames are completely made from high tensile C-sections. These provide a high amount of strength with easy installation. Genuine Colorbond roof sheets and trim are supplied. You also have the choice of the full range of Colorbond colours available. All components are included in your kit including the steel, brackets, all fasteners, nuts and bolts, plus guttering and downpipe. Multi Skillion CarportYou’ll even get a tube of silicone to seal the guttering. All our carports come with the relevant engineering form and drawings, specific to your site. These are also to the latest Australian standards and building codes, which is critically important. There are several benefits in having the engineering supplied, including a saving of time, a saving of money, and streamlining the process of Council application and approval. For more details see the article on  Carport Kits – Why a well designed and pre-engineered carport kit will save you time and money

Skillion Double Carport Kit

Skillion CarportBecause of our national agreements with major steel suppliers, delivery can be made to most areas of Australia. In many cases, this a flat fee. So that we can assist you the most with delivery, please be sure to include your full address when you make an enquiry. Apart from helping to find out if delivery is possible, it will also ensure that the correct site specific engineering, as mentioned above, is included with your carport kit. If you have any questions or would like to know any more information or a price on a Skillion Carport Kit, or a product in the rest of the range, please contact us by phone or email. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and will be only too happy to find that right carport for your needs. Links: For the range of Colorbond colours available go to the Colorbond Chart page For more information on carport kits and carport go to the Carports Information page

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Skillion Roof Carport

According to several sources, the word ‘skillion’ originates from 18th century english language. It simply refers to a lean to type structure with a separate roof.