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Skillion CarportWhether you need protection for 1 car, 2 cars, 4 cars or that valuable boat or caravan there is a Skillion carport to suit your needs. Skillion carport kits are a great example of a DIY carport project that is not only very achievable by a home handyman, but something that you will take pride in long after you have finished putting it up.


There are 2 handy things to first consider when looking to buy a skillion roof carport in particular:

  1. Getting the correct height you need – by their very design, skillion carports have a high side and low side. If you need a minimum clearance for your car, boat or caravan etc, you need to make sure the height will work – see the article on skillion carport kits – selecting the right height for more information.
  2. Working out which way you want the roof to slope or fall – with skillion carports the roof falls in a singular direction, whether that is left to right, right to left, front to back or back to front. This also determines the side the gutter is on – for more on this go to the article on getting the roof fall direction right.

Giving you strength to protect your vehicles

It starts with simple but strong designs to suit all of the weather conditions that Australia can give us. Carports and similar structures are what engineers call ‘opensided’ designed buildings; in simple language they have no walls! This places more wind pressure on the structure than if it had sides or walls, so a good strong structure is a must. Skillion CarportWe can provide a choice of good strong designs depending on your budget and particular situation. For the columns, 75mm SHS steel posts are used by default, but 90mm or 100mm SHS posts can be also be sent for those higher or larger custom applications. The steel posts are normally either mounted to footing brackets which are embedded into the concrete when the slab or footing are poured, or placed directly into the ground with the concrete footing. Choose from a high tensile all C-section frame or high tensile C200 perimeter frame with topspan roof purlins. Both will provide strength with easy installation. Genuine Colorbond roof sheets and trim. You also have the choice of the full range of Colorbond colours available. All components are included in your kit including the steel, brackets, all fasteners, nuts and bolts, plus guttering and downpipe. Multi Bay Skillion CarportYour carport kit will come with the relevant engineering form and drawing, specific to your site. There are several benefits in having the engineering supplied, including a saving of time, a saving of money, and streamlining the process of Council application and approval. For more details see the article on  Carport Kits – Why a well designed and pre-engineered carport kit will save you time and money

Skillion Double Carport Kit

Delivery can be made to most areas of Australia. So that we can assist you the most with delivery, please be sure to include your full address when you make an enquiry. Apart from helping to find out if delivery is possible, it will also ensure that the correct site specific engineering, as mentioned above, is included with your carport kit. If you have any questions or would like to know any more information on Skillion Carport Kits or the rest of the range of carports, please contact us by phone or email. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and will be only too happy to find that right carport for your needs. Links: For the range of Colorbond colours available go to the Colorbond Chart page For more information on carport kits and carport go to the Carports Information page




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