Skillion Carport Kits – Selecting the right height

Warning – make sure your skillion carport kit has enough height to fit your vehicles, boat, caravan etc.

One thing that many people do not realise when ordering  a skillion or flat roof type carport – different systems and designers have different ways to measure the height.

Some of the options are:

  • The highest point of the carport – to the top of the roof at the high end
  • Clearance height at the high end
  • Clearance at the low end
  • To top of frame at the low end

The difference between the height at the high end and the  height at the low end will depend on several factors including:

  • Amount of  roof pitch – depending on the roof sheet profile
  • Size of frame being used – this depends on the size of the structure and the wind rating required

As a simple example, a 6m Skillion carport that is listed as 2.4m high could have a height of 2.4m at the top of the frame at the high end or a clearance of 2.4m at the low end. It makes a big difference – if the 2.4m was measured at the high end the carport’s clearance at the low end would end up being under 2m, which is not practical in a lot of cases.  if the 2.4m was measured as a clearance at the low end the carport’s height at the high end may be too high for the house or site (very possibly over 3m).

As you can see it’s obvious that you ensure the carport kit has the correct height.



If you have any questions regarding the height of your DIY skillion carport before ordering,  check with us here at Excalibur Carports and we give you the information you need to get the right height for your carport kit.