Carport Kits – Building a Carport Kit

With the right planning, building a carport kit can be simple
The amount of work needed to build carport kits will depend on a few factors.
The main ones are:
• The site you are building your carport kit on
• How well the carport has been designed
• Your level of skill and tools needed
1.  The site you are building your carport kit on:
Is the site level or do you have to build the carport to suit the terrain? eg.sloping driveway Remember that you need extra time to set the posts to the correct heights with a site that is not level.
– How you are fixing the carport to the ground –
Carports are normally anchored by one of two methods:
• To a existing concrete slab with footings, using brackets
• Concreting the posts directly into the ground
Fixing to brackets is usually quicker to do, but concreting the posts directly into the ground can have advantages in regards to less movement in winds etc.
2.  How well the carport kit has been designed:
Clever carport designs utilise a simple layout that is easy to follow. Carport kits in the main will come with the relevant engineering drawings, a bill of materials and possibly also an instruction manual to assist you with the installation. All the materials are supplied cut to near or exact length and most of the larger frame components will arrive pre-punched at their connection points, so these will normally just bolt together. The rest of the materials will either simply screw together with various sizes of tek screws, or be fixed with rivets.
3.  Your level of skill and tools needed
Whilst a carport is not the same complexity as say a house, you need to have some level of competency to complete your project. Don’t be put off however, into thinking you cannot do it yourself. With some common sense, patience and the right tools you can do a job to be proud of. As mentioned above, the documentation included with your carport will also assist you. It is also recommended that you check with your local authorities with regards to any licensing requirements you may need to install carports.
There’s a basic range of tools needed to erect your carport kit. Some are more important than others, either to help to speed up the process, or to get a better finish. For more details see the article titled: Carport Kits – the tools needed to get the job done.
We hope that this information helps you with building your own carport kit. If you need prices and details on our range of carport kits, simply send us an email through the enquiry form, or contact us directly by calling Ph. 07 5525 1111

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