What is the Standard Roof Pitch on Carport Kits

With carport kits, the amount of roof pitch (or slope on the roof), is mainly determined by the carport design.

There are also minimum manufacturer’s requirements to refer to.
Here is a quick rundown on the different types of carports.
Dutch Gable Carport - Roof Pitch

Dutch Gable Carport – 20 Roof Pitch as standard. Other custom roof pitches available on request eg. 25 degrees. A 20 degree roof pitch works well with most existing houses. A Dutch Gable carport also scales well at a 20 degree pitch in comparison to other roof pitch angles.
Hip Roof Carport - Roof Pitch

Hip Roof Carport – 20 Roof Pitch as standard. Other custom roof pitches available on request eg. 25 degrees. Bear in mind that with if you go with a higher roof pitch for either a Hip Roof carport or Dutch Gable carport, you need to allow more time for building it as the steeper the roof, the harder it is to install.
Gable Carport - Roof Pitch

Gable Carport – 15 Degrees as standard. Other roof pitches available on request – 10 Degrees and 20 Degrees. If gable infills are included, then the length of the infill sheets are also adjusted for the pitch. Again, like a hip roof or dutch gable carport, the higher the roof pitch the longer it takes to install.
Skillion Carport - Roof Pitch

Skillion Carport – 3 Degrees and 5 Degrees as standard. Other custom roof pitches available on request. The standard roof pitches are utilised to control the minimum and maximum heights, due to the inherent design of the skillion carport. They are also the minimum roof slopes recommended for the 2 different roof sheet profiles by Bluescope Lysaght:
1. Trimdek – 3 Degrees minimum recommended
2. Custom Orb – 5 degrees minimum recommended

We hope this gives you a better idea of roof pitches in order that you can select the best carport kits for your own home.

Interesting Fact:
Custom Orb (or Corrugated Iron as it is sometimes known) roof sheets have a higher overall resistance to water flow than Trimdek roof sheets. This means that there is more weight of water on a custom orb roof for longer. This sometimes needs to be taken into account with the engineering of the carport.