Installing diy carports on sloping driveways

Installing a diy carport on a sloping driveway

In a few cases, people have a sloping driveway and are not sure how they can build a diy carport kit over it. Well the solution is a simple one as long as you adhere to a couple of requirements:

1. Design the carport to the highest point from the ground level

– in the case of a carport, this will usually mean the posts and what size is needed to support the whole structure.
eg. if the carport is 2.4m high at one end and the driveway slopes away so that it is 3m high at the other end, the carport will need to be engineered to support a 3m height.

2. You must concrete the posts directly into the ground

– yes I know it would be handy sometimes if you could just fix some footing plates to the existing concrete/footings, but as the footing plates are designed for a 90 degree connection for their strength, they just won’t work. The solution is to either straddle the existing driveway so that the posts go into the ground either side of the concrete, or simply cut some squares out of the concrete, drill the holes, and then concrete the posts in. The result is cleaner to look at, stronger in terms of the structure, and you won’t be kicking your toes on any footing plates.

Handy Tip: Dowel into the existing concrete slab as well, so that the footings and slab will not move independently, causing high spots and trip factors.

So if you have a sloping driveway and need a carport, click on the quote link below and we’ll find a solution for your needs.

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