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Since starting as a local supplier based in South East QLD, Excalibur Carports has now grown to being able top supply carports on a national level.

With access to a major steel network we are able to send carports and carport kits to every state and most areas of Australia. This makes it simple for you and takes the pain out of trying to work out how to get the carport to your home. Delivery is usually on a semi trailer truck or fixed body tray truck. These are equipped with cranes so no one has to unload the carport kit onto the ground.

In nearly all cases, your carport will be manufactured at a steel plant in your state, helping to keep business local. We recommend and use only Australian made steel from Bluescope Lysaght. It’s tested for conditions in Australia and it’s proven quality speaks for itself.

There are several different types of Carports. Australia also has different weather and wind conditions. This can mean that the carport needs to designed stronger in some areas more than other areas. Depending on where you live, the carports are designed, then made to the relevant BCA and site specific wind codes. This means you can be sure that you receive something that is designed to the right conditions. For example, carports in the northern part of Australia (North Qld, Northern Territory and WA) have to be designed to cyclonic wind conditions. They face higher wind condition than areas in NSW or Victoria etc.

As indicated above, each state in Australia has a major manufacturing plant or plants, along with multiple steel branches to assist with supply.

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