Carports – Things to check before you order your carport kit

It can be a very exciting time when you have decided on the right carport for your home or property. You have looked through the different types of carport kits, worked out the one you need, and now it’s just a case of ordering it. You just want to press the button, pay the deposit and get the carport kit sent. But a little extra time spent before “pressing the button’ can save you from potential headaches when your carport kit finally arrives.

Here are just some of the few key areas to check actually ordering your carport kit:

1. Size: This can seem a rather obvious thing to remember but you must make sure you order the right size carport for your site. Now to do this you must first understand how the width, length and height of your carport is actually measured –

The width and length – are they measured from gutter to gutter, or from post to post, or from fascia beam to fascia beam etc? Are they outside dimensions or centre dimensions?

Once you have the length and width you will know how the carport will fit on your block.

The height: This can be particularly important if you have a higher than normal vehicle (eg. 4WD with roof rack; caravan) as you do not want to find that after you have put the carport up, your vehicles do not fit under the actual carport! Check the clearance height of your carport kit – again, where is the height measured to, and are there any maximum height restrictions for your particular area (any council requirements, covenants)

I may be helpful to talk with your supplier about sizing dimensions so that it is clear in your mind.

2. Colours: There are 20 Colours in the colorbond range and it can be so easy to pick the wrong colour the roof or trim, or confuse the colours if more than colour is being selected (order the roof colour as the trim colour etc)

3. Embedded or Bolted Posts: Depending on your site and the type of carport, you may be able to choose whether you want the posts anchored directly into the ground or bolted to footing plates/brackets on top of the slab. Making the right choice can save you a lot of time and money and allow you to keep going with the project, since the set up of the posts is one of the first steps in erecting your carport kit.

4. Roof Type and Profile:

Roof type – The different names for the roof types can be unfamiliar to most people, so once you have decided on the type of carport , whether it is a Skillion roof, Gable roof, Dutch Gable roof or Hip Roof type, please make sure you have selected the right one.

Roof Profile – For most carports there is choice of roof profiles – Custom Orb (corrugated iron) or metal deck (Trimdek or similar). If some cases it does not matter, but if you already have a metal roof on your house, it’s beneficial to match the carports roof to your house.

The ability to match the roof type and profiles of your carport to your house has several benefits. Make it look like it was part of the whole overall plan.

5. Correct Delivery address: Obviously if the driver delivers your carport kit to the wrong address this will create some big problems. Just make sure all the spelling is correct, that the post code is included, and the street number is right. Another helpful tip is to supply a mudmap of the site and where you would like the kit pack placed, and any other special instructions that may help the driver. It’s also important in terms of engineering. Because engineering is site specific these days the details on the form and drawing must match up with that particular site.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of getting all the details right before ordering, as once the carport kit is ordered and placed into the system, making changes can be difficult or impossible, particularly if manufacturing has begun. However that little bit of extra time can ensure that you have a smooth journey from ordering your carport kit to seeing it arrive at your doorstep.