Carports Geelong

Carports Geelong

For people looking for carports in Geelong, there is a huge range of carports for sale for you to choose from. With a major steel distribution centre also located in Geelong, we can deliver carports to all parts of the city, as well as surrounding area through Victoria.

We offer a complete range of carports that come prefabricated so that they are in kit form, ready for yourself or your builder to quickly and simply install it.

Carports in kit form are a great home improvement project. They are not a big job to complete and if done well they will add value to your property.

There are several advantages to Excalibur Carport kits:

  • They Come Ready to Build – Every part that you need is included. All you will need are your tools and some silicon sealant for the guttering. Because the frame is cut and hole punched it simply bolts together in place, ready for the roof etc to go on. Some finishing work (final cutting and folding) is needed for the guttering and flashings and these are sent slightly longer so you know you have enough material to do the job.
  • You Save Money on Materials – Most of the steel comes pre-cut and punched so that it simply bolts and screws together. This means that you are only paying for what you need for your particular carport.
  • The Engineering is Included – this again saves you on money. Carports sent to Geelong are designed to the specific area in and around Geelong for wind conditions. They comply with Australian standards and building codes, and you can then take the engineering paperwork with you, ready to submit for council approval.
  • Choice of Sizes – With Excalibur Carports, you are not limited to set sizes or heights. We can supply wider spans than most other suppliers, as well as heights able to accomodate a car, and all the way up to a caravan or a motorhome.
  • Choice of Colours – You have the choice of the complete range of genuine Colorbond colours. Bluescope Lysaght has recently introduced some more colours to keep with modern trends. With over 20 colours, you’ll find something for your carport.
  • Quality Australian Steel – As mentioned above we use steel from Bluescope Lysaght. It’s getting harder these days to find anything made in Australia, so we are proud to supply materials that are not only made here, but are also tested for Australian conditions.

For carports in Geelong, there is a Lysaght distribution centre which can deliver to all parts of the city as well as surrounding rural areas. The carports are manufactured in Melbourne, then sent to the Geelong distribution centre to be delivered on direct to you.

If there is anything we can help you with regards to carports Geelong or you would like current carport prices, please call us on 1300 011 191 or email us at

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Areas for Carports Geelong:

Ocean Road run, west to Horsham VIC

Pick up from  the steel depot can also be arranged.

Geelong Depot Locations:

2-30 Point Henry Rd, Moolap VIC 3221