DIY Carports Melbourne

DIY Carports Melbourne

If you live in the Melbourne area and you are looking to buy DIY carports there’s definitely good news for you.

You can now get DIY carport kits in the full spectrum of Colorbond colours, in the size you want and with engineering for approval by Council. Every component needed to install your DIY carport is included as well as a part list, guide and technical assistance if you need it. Once diy carports are ordered, manufacturing starts at the large Melbourne steel plant. All the components are then consolidated, packed and delivered to your door.

All of the Melbourne city area and surrounds are covered, and much of regional Victoria also. The Melbourne factory is very efficient and it will generally take 4 to 6 weeks for manufacture and delivery of diy carports, depending on demand and time of year. The carport designs will suit all wind regions in Australia, including Region A/N2 which is what Victoria typically is. Concreting the posts directly into the ground is always the first recommendation we would make, however there is an option for footing plates onto concrete for most carports.

Melbourne has a lot of advantages for the supply of diy carports with a large manufacturing base and options available to you with size, roof type, colours, post fixing etc.

If you would like to contact us to discuss which carport will suit you, please call us on 1300 011191 or go to the Carport Quote page to get the latest Carport Prices and other details on Carports in Melbourne.

Keith and Ashley