Carport Kits present a good way to add value to your property whilst protecting your car or truck, bike, boat, caravan etc. Choosing the ultimate type of carport for you will guarantee you get the top added value for your home. From Skillion Carports to Gable, Dutch Gable and Hip Roof Carports, there are carport designs and sizes to fit your particular demands.

A carport kit is basically an unassembled carport that can then be put together by you with the assistance of your friends and family, or you can hire experienced tradesmen or a contractor to assemble the kit on your behalf. You’ll save the most money by building the carport by yourself that can help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long term.

The cheapest and best option to construct a new carport is to buy a steel & colourbond carport kit from Excalibur as we have dealing in these products for many years and have the track record of providing top quality kits. You will notice that you can build it in a day or two using basic domestic tools. Carport kits include every part and steel that are needed for carrying out the assembly work.

Needless to say it goes without saying, that carports of all types and sizes may be used to protect vehicles from the weather. Our carport kits usually come in one car or two car designs but we can easily also do custom carports which are generally longer and wider when compared to the average kit.

Excalibur carport packages supply you with the best options because of all the different sizes and shapes as well as different colours and alternatives that you have to choose from. Additionally, because these are kits and not preassembled or premade carports they often tend to be less expensive because the manufacturers do not need to spend the money for labor expenses related to constructing it.

The main benefits of our carport kits are that they are::

Pre-Cut and Punched – you are only paying for the materials you need, and you don’t need to source all of the materials yourself. What’s more, it will save on installation time whether it’s a DIY carport project or you are working with a builder for the work.

Engineered – Carports sent to NSW will include the relevant engineering for your particular area within NSW, so you know that your carport kit has been built with the right weather conditions and wind conditions under consideration.

Delivered – There are 2 production plants for carports serving the NSW and neighboring areas, and this means more reductions to you due to the very minimal delivery fee available. Once the carport has been transported to your site, it’s merely a case of checking off the material for appropriate amount and length, and you’re ready to commence setting up.

Each one of these reasons represent a big saving of your time and money to you, and choosing a carport kit has never been easier as it is now.

When purchasing a kit, look out for the Australian made solutions and products because they are very high quality and straightforward to build. We carry a wide selection of carports kits from the most reliable Australian manufacturing companies. Our manufacturers have over 20 years expertise in the market and you can see their carports at shows and homes all around the country.

We deliver your carport to your home in metropolitan areas and many country towns. You should check out the details of your town by looking at our quote page. Please feel free to browse our wide variety of carport kits and do not be worried to let us know if you’ve any queries.

So if you are searching for a supplier of Carports in NSW call us or send us an email with what you want and we’ll be glad to help.