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Carport Kits that are Easy to Build

Simplifying Installation of Carport Kits

One of the reasons people look to buying carports in kit form is that they want a do it yourself project to do themselves.

The carport kits available from Excalibur Carports have been designed and prepared so that the assembly and installation is made as simple as possible.

 1. Consolidated and sent in one pack

Before you even start your project it’s made easier for you with all the materials arriving wrapped in one pack, so you can quickly check off your list of materials and get started.

2. Frame and posts are pre-cut and pre-punched.

This is actually a great time saver. Cutting and drilling the heavier gauge steel that’s in the posts and frame can take a considerable amount of time as well as wearing out your tools and several drill bits. With the posts and frame pre-cut and punched you can keep progressing with your carport.

3. Roof sheets and flashings cut to the lengths needed to install.

Where possible the roof sheets and flashings have been to the length you need to install the carport, so that all you need to do is some final trimming and cutting to shape.

4. Engineering drawings and/or installation guides provided

All the carports come with the engineering drawings and most come with an installation guide or manual to assist you with your project.

As with any construction job you’ll need some time to prepare and some basic tools, but with a bit of common sense, a carport kit can prove to be an excellent way to add value to your home. You get that sense of achievement, knowing that you did it yourself.

Of course there is a second option or buying the carport kit and having your local builder erect it. This can also be good as there is still a saving of time and money to be had.


What do I Need to Build My Carport?

To also give you an idea of what you will need to install your carport, go to the page on Carport Kits – the basic tools needed to build a diy carport kit


Feel free to have a look at the range of carport kits available at Excalibur Carports , and if you have any questions, please contact us or go to the carport quote page to request a quote on the carport kit for you.



Custom carports sizes available for Dutch Gable & Hip Roof Carports

Custom Dutch Gable and Hip Roof Carport sizes now here!

Looking for a dutch gable carport or a hip roof carport, but need a different size from ‘standard’?

Great News! Excalibur Carports can now offer custom carport sizes in these 2 types of carport designs. So now our customers have even more choice when it comes to DIY carports and carport kits.  Excalibur Carports is always looking to meet the needs of our customers, and has seen a growing number of enquiries for custom sizes, particularly in the hip roof carport and dutch gable carport designs. After discussions with our engineers and designers, this option is now available. Just fill in the details in the custom carport size box when you make a request for a carport quote and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Of course if there is anything else you require, please contact us and we will do our best to supply a carport kit for you.

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