Monthly Archives: October 2013

Beat the Christmas rush by ordering your Carport Kits soon

The Christmas period is often a great time of the year for most people and families, and it is also one of the busiest when it comes to orders of Carport Kits.

Many decide that over the Christmas New Year week is a great time to get their carport kit project up and built, so they can protect some of your most valuable assets. If you’re the type of person who likes to make sure your home improvement projects happen on time, then order your diy carport soon to guarantee this happening and to save disappointment.

Bluescope Lysaght have just notified Excalibur Carports of their Christmas closedown dates for their manufacturing plants and branches. It is anticipated that the close off date for orders at this stage will be the 23th Novenber 2013, but this may extend out depending on demand.

In the unlikely event you do not order your DIY carport in time for delivery before the Christmas break, you will still give yourself the best chance to be at the front queue for deliveries after the first week in January 2014, by ordering as soon as you can.

Please call us at Excalibur Carports if you have any questions regarding timeframes for ordering and supply of carport kits as we are always only too happy to help.

Customers to have larger choice of Colorbond Colours for their Carport Kits

With Bluescope Lysaght announcing changes to the range of Colorbond colours, customers of Excalibur Carports will soon have more choice when it comes to their DIY carports or carport kits.

Due to roll out this month (October 2013), there will be an additional 7 Colorbond colours produced including Basalt, Cove, Gully, Mangrove, Terrain and Wallaby, as well as the return of an old favourite, Night Sky.

As well as these new colours, there will also be a gradual phasing out of the existing Colorbond range. These colours are Bushland, Headland, Loft, Sandbank and Wilderness. The retiring of these colours will occur over the next few months, depending on steel coil stock.

So overall, the Colorbond Steel colour range will increase from 20 colours to 22 colours. As you know, Excalibur Carports gives you the choice of all the Colorbond colours, not just a few, which means you can now better match your carport kit to your house and also keep up with the latest trends in house and building design.

Just another reason why Excalibur Carports is committed to supplying Australians the best Carport Kits in the country.