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Carport Kits – The basic tools needed to build a diy carport kit

Making the job of building a diy carport easy

“Give us the tools and we will finish the job”

The words of this famous quote also ring very true when it comes to building – if you have the right tools you have a much better chance of not only finishing the job, but finishing it well.

Here are some of the tools that you may need:

1. Drill – Either a power drill or cordless drill. Most professional installers and roofers prefer cordless drills and use them as their main tool of choice. The main advantages are:
• No power cords, thus making them less obtrusive and safer
• A variable clutch setup, allowing you to adjust the torque setting for the various sized screws
Please note: Get a cordless drill with enough capacity to do the job. A drill that comes with 2 batteries is also more convenient.
2. Screw or Tek gun – Again, in corded or cordless varieties. These are specifically made for fastening tek screws, which are used in many parts of carport kits.
3. Hammer Drill – for concrete drilling when you are using on-slab type brackets
4. Steel cut off saw and/or grinder
5. Left and right handed tin snips – buy good quality snips, it’s makes a big difference to the time taken and the level of finish on carport kits
6. Tape Measure
7. Various Sockets and Spanners
8. Rivet Gun
9. Tape Measure
10. Spirit Level
11. Laser Level – you can hire these if you don’t want to buy one
12. Various drill and hex head bits
13. String and Chalk Lines
14. Ladders, Trestles, Scaffold, Scissor Lift or Duct Lift – these can also be hired for the job
15. Markers, Pens and Pencils
16. Silicone gun and silicone – for sealing of guttering etc.
17. Shovel or posthole digger – for digging the post holes or footings
18. Concrete – for those post holes or footings
19. Acro props or similar – an option, to aid with the posts and/or structure as the concrete sets
20. Safety Gear – This may be steel cap boots, ear muffs, safety eyewear, gloves and anything else you believe you need to make the job safe

And finally, make sure all safety precautions have been carried out before starting your project

So, now that you’ve got the right tools or know what you need, feel free to have a look around the site. If there is a carport kit you are interested in, simply fill out the enquiry form or contact us directly by calling Ph. 07 5525 1111 or by email at

Carport Kits – Building a Carport Kit

With the right planning, building a carport kit can be simple
The amount of work needed to build carport kits will depend on a few factors.
The main ones are:
• The site you are building your carport kit on
• How well the carport has been designed
• Your level of skill and tools needed
1.  The site you are building your carport kit on:
Is the site level or do you have to build the carport to suit the terrain? eg.sloping driveway Remember that you need extra time to set the posts to the correct heights with a site that is not level.
– How you are fixing the carport to the ground –
Carports are normally anchored by one of two methods:
• To a existing concrete slab with footings, using brackets
• Concreting the posts directly into the ground
Fixing to brackets is usually quicker to do, but concreting the posts directly into the ground can have advantages in regards to less movement in winds etc.
2.  How well the carport kit has been designed:
Clever carport designs utilise a simple layout that is easy to follow. Carport kits in the main will come with the relevant engineering drawings, a bill of materials and possibly also an instruction manual to assist you with the installation. All the materials are supplied cut to near or exact length and most of the larger frame components will arrive pre-punched at their connection points, so these will normally just bolt together. The rest of the materials will either simply screw together with various sizes of tek screws, or be fixed with rivets.
3.  Your level of skill and tools needed
Whilst a carport is not the same complexity as say a house, you need to have some level of competency to complete your project. Don’t be put off however, into thinking you cannot do it yourself. With some common sense, patience and the right tools you can do a job to be proud of. As mentioned above, the documentation included with your carport will also assist you. It is also recommended that you check with your local authorities with regards to any licensing requirements you may need to install carports.
There’s a basic range of tools needed to erect your carport kit. Some are more important than others, either to help to speed up the process, or to get a better finish. For more details see the article titled: Carport Kits – the tools needed to get the job done.
We hope that this information helps you with building your own carport kit. If you need prices and details on our range of carport kits, simply send us an email through the enquiry form, or contact us directly by calling Ph. 07 5525 1111

Carport Kits – Why a well designed and pre-engineered carport kit will save you time and money

Pre-Engineered Carport Kits

Carports are a very popular addition to any house these days.

The engineering design requirements for them are integral to you achieving what you want at your home

In years gone past a lot of carports were done without any design or approval process. If a builder had built it, chances are it was good, but the cost might have been high, due to more materials being used than what was needed. There were also a lot of other carports that simply shouldn’t have been built, due to poor construction or inferior materials being used.
However today, with better materials and better research, a lot more is known about designing a carport that is strong enough for your area, and is economical to build. Regulations also now in place dictate that a carport be correctly designed and certified by a suitably skilled and qualified person.

Choosing carport kits that are pre-engineered can save you a substantial amount of money and time. Here are some reasons why:

• The design has been done – Your carport has gone through the design process by a structural engineer to bring you a carport design that is not only pleasing to the eye, but will also pass the building standards, and wind and weather conditions for your particular site.
• The design drawings have been done – Most engineers employ a separate draftsperson to transform their design onto paper. Design drawings are now required to be done by a licenced person to obtain approval, and their time and skill comes at a price.
• Pre-engineered carport kits are good value for money – achieving a carport design that is strong enough (but economical on materials), looks great and is simple to install does take a high level of skill. Structural engineers who specialise in carports and similar structures know the best way to design them. They’ve done the research of choosing the best materials, and can provide you with the best carport kit for your money.
• Pre-engineered carports can be ready to submit for council approval within days, not weeks or months – all the hard work has already been done, it’s a simple case of adding your details to the engineering forms and drawings, and you are ready to go.

Feel free to look around this website and see our a range of carports that are pre-engineered and are guaranteed to save you money for your project.

Carports and Carport Kits – 3 reasons why buying a Carport Kit will save you time and money

If you are in the market for a carport, pre-fabricated carport kits can be a great option.

Now you may be thinking “couldn’t I just design and build a carport myself?”
Well…. Here are just 3 of the benefits of buying carports in kit form:

1.  Carport Kits come pre-cut and pre-punched
Have you ever made something completely from scratch where you had to cut or drill every part of what you were making? How long did it take you? How much material did you have to buy?

Carports that are pre-cut and pre-punched give you the best value for money out there.
• Minimal amount of wastage involved. You only pay for the steel that you need, and not the excess steel if you were to buy the set lengths and cut them down.
• Saves you time when installing, as most of the work of drilling and cutting the steel has been done. You will also save money if you use contractors or installers because they can erect the carport in much quicker time than if they are making it up from scratch.
• Carport kits come with all the brackets that you need to connect the carport together correctly, saving you money and time if you had to get the brackets fabricated yourself.

2.  The engineering for carports in kit form is already done
A much bigger benefit than some people realise.
It saves you the time of having it designed, drawn up, and certified by an engineer.
It also saves you a substantial amount of money.

Custom engineered carport designs  and sizes are also sometimes available today. There may be engineering factors to consider, and sometimes extra cost, though this is usually minimal.

3.  Carport kits can be delivered complete to your door
Carports in kit form can usually be delivered to most areas, and for a very reasonable charge. You don’t have to drive around sourcing various materials from multiple suppliers, trying to get the best deal, using your valuable time and wearing your car out.

There are many more reasons for buying a carport kit over making one from scratch. Why not use what is readily available to you today, to get the best deal and the best carport for you.